Our dance season begins in September through May. (Summer also available)
Our school season begins September (limited), full on October  through May.    

*if registered and attending lessons at DeLelles , Fees are broken down in monthly installments SEPTEMBER through MAY.  That is a total 9 months of payments due.  Fees are not based on weeks student is present per month.  Fees will be still due even if lessons are not attended.  You register so I hold a seat/opening for your child in return you are accepting the terms that payments are due in full or in 9 monthly installments  (Sept-May) during  the school season.   


Responsiblities of Fees

  • All parents and/or guardians responsible for payment of lessons and merchandise and will be required to pay all balances in full each month  as fees are accumulated. 
  • All class and costume fees that will accumulate Sept. through May will be due in April  (the year you are register for) regarless if child withdrawals before the season is over.
  • This includes all classes at DeLelles schools enrolled Sept through May*. Costumes will not be passed out until all accounts are paid in full. by the the middle of April of the year you are registered. .  
  • Delinquent accounts will be filed with the Small Claims Court by the end of the season.  
  • A $10 late charge will be added to your account by the second lesson of the month for any unpaid balances.
  • There will be a $25 service fee for all returned checks- then cash only will be accepted there after for any fees..
  • Lessons are figured on a yearly basis and are to be paid whether class is attended or not.  We do not discount for families, weather, vacations or illness.
  • There are no make ups for lessons cancelled due to weather or power outages.
  • Please make checks payable to Beth Ann Cercone. No post-dated checks, please.

*The only classes not held under the Sept-May contract is OPEN GYM and CAMP DELELLES. These classes can be  withdrawn or added at any time..  Questions? Contact Us

Refund Policy
Lessons are based on a seasonal fee and are broken down to a monthly price for your convienence. There are no refunds for  withdrawal, missed or canceled classes, sports seasons, holidays, vacations, inclement weather, or lack of interest. There are also no refunds for costumes, dance shoes, photos, tickets, bows or any other items purchased from DeLelles Schools. 


  • Our annual performance, "Excital", is scheduled for Saturday, May 12, 2018. (Rehearsal is Thursday, May 10)
  • All students taking tumbling, Flip with me, cheering, tap, ballet or hip hop* are required to purchase a costume per class enrolled.
  • All costume fees will be due by Thanksgiving break. Also note that the costume deposits and payments are non-refundable. 
  • *The only students that do not participate in the show are: those in OPEN GYM, PRESCHOOL, CRAFT CLASS,  & PRIVATES.

Students are required to wear clothing that is comfortable and allows for full movement. Parents please use good judgement.  Tumbling & dance classes: no jeans or dresses. Shorts, t's & bodysuits are a great choice! . Be sure to have proper shoes for tumbling, cheer and dance classes. Hair must be pulled back in 1 or 2 ponytails

Students that are over the age of 2.5 are still welcomed to join if not fully potty trained. They are required to be able to acheive the basic physical demands that require them to use the facilites.  We will help with the snaps, ties and etc. BUT they are required to pull down, up and wipe.   We do not change diapers during any classes 
We highly recogmend students that join the physical classes (tumbling, dance & cheering) bring a water bottle filled with WATER only. We do not want any food to be brought into studio.  No snacks please to eat during breaks.   Please eat before coming to classes.

All those bringing students to class  and choose to wait , must wait in the waiting room by the front door and not in any classroom or in class itself. THIS decision is in the best interest of all the students and their listening capabilities. 

Most updates will be posted here on this web site www.delelles.com , POSTED ON FACEBOOK and/or sent to you by text. 
If  there is incliment weather, "DeLelles Schools"  will be posted on the
Snowbird report  on News 9 or News 9 online www.wtov9.com/index.html  under DELELLES PRESCHOOL : though all classes are included

Summer schedule is also available in May